Attn: Kirupa

hey kirupa…or anyone who knows actually
is there any way to delete a name (like pixel_fiend)
and get another

i tried to register another and it wont let 2 accounts have the same email

any way around this besides having a pseudo email on the new name?

Oh ok, sure, I’ll get rid of your account :slight_smile: Try re-registering; you should be able to get a diff name!

Kirupa :cowboy:

ok kirupa, thx
i have a new name
but i am still getting the message that two people cannot have the same email address

i put a pseudo email address on this account, and will change it to my real one when this clears up


Strange; I just removed your name. Tell me if you are able to re-register. If not, e-mail me ([email protected]) with what name you want, and I’ll create one for you with a temp password (if possible).

Kirupa :rambo:

its all good, i changed back to my current email on this name