I just thought that the post by Pom, “Difference between _root[] and eval()” should be in the Best of Forum. I would bring it to the front, but I’m not sure if you want to put it in the best of. Its in this Forum on page 5. I think its the only one by Pom on that page.

I’ll see what I can do. Thanks

I just thought that it explained the diff btwn to two pretty well, and wanted to bring it to your attention. :slight_smile:

Dear sir,\r\rI found is very usefull for any flash designer and programmer. I have learned most of Action script from kripa tutorial. I am happy. The turorials are in systematic way. any one can follow.\r\rSir, I have confussion\rI have nice knowledge of flash, but one problem\r\rHow can i increase the speed of movie (except increase in frame rate) ?\r\rPlease Reply asap.\r\rThanks\rBalveer

I think that inscreasing the frame rate is the only way to increase the speed of the movie. If you are using tweens you can move the object more distance in less frames. if you are using actionscript, just add more to the movement.

There’s a fla by Sinf about that in a post somewhere. I’ll try to find it if you can’t.\r\rpom 0]

the fla is available at:\\rthe resulting swf from that file can be used as a utility to control the frame rate of movies. however, it won’t control children of the clip that it is controlling - that would bog down people’s computers. if you would like to control a clip and all it’s children just add this function on the root timeline:\rfunction fPlayWithChild(mc, fps){\r_root.fPlayControl(mc, fps);\rfor(ii in mc){\rif(typeof(mc[ii])==“movieclip”){\r_root.fPlayControl(mc[ii], fps);\r}\r}\r}\r\rthe utility can be cleaned up quite a bit to increase performance, but i’m not going to do that update in flash 5 now that i have mx.\rif there is a demand for the mx fla please let me know.\r:) \rjeremy

I’ve just done it Jubby. thanks.\r\rpom 0]