Audio issues

Right im trying to make a music video animation. Synchronising the audio to movemenets is important so I need to be listening to the audio constantly against the visual background. The first thing I noticed was that the music never actually ended one it started. Bizzarly you have to mute the audio from a menu. I presumed it would have stopped when space was pressed.

This isn’t the worst of the problems ive had. The one that has stopped me from ever doing this project is the fact that you have to listen to the audio from the beginning every single time. Why is this? I’d much rather be able to start the video from anywhere in the animation and have the music play from the same place. If this isnt possible on MX is it possible on Flash 8 coz this is a major issue for me at the moment.

It doesnt matter now, ive figured it out. You set the music to stream. I thought I have already tried this but obviously I hadn’t.