Audio stays after removeChild


I have a test site on: with a problem that the sound doesn’t stop when I removeChild… The playing movie with the music is to stay only on HOME.
My code on the first frame of the label “HOME”:**
var Xpos:Number=243;
var Ypos:Number=88;
var swf:MovieClip;
var loader:Loader=new Loader();

var defaultSWF:URLRequest=new URLRequest(“GD_HOME_banner.swf”);


My code on the first frame of the label “PORTFOLIO” that stretches over the rest of the site:**

I think I am supposed to add an EventListener but can’t figure out where or how…

Would be very happy to get a solution since I have been wasting many hours… :-/

P.S 1. First time I write Kirupa but not the first time you help me. Great having guys like you around!

P.S 2. If someone has a slick solution for adding a Blog into Flash via iFrame or other way, I am all ears.

Kindly, anna