Auto cycle through images

Hello all,

This lady I work for is wanting a flash site. The main focus of it will be portfolio display. She is wanting a box within the site that will display pics of her work and cycle through them automatically. I’d like to go above and beyond what she’s looking for. I’d like a SHORT transition between pics. Kinda what I’m seeing in my head is a T.V. When the pics change (between pics) there would be “static” like on a T.V. I’d like to be able to use an array of pics perhaps, so I don’t have to necessarily put each image in the movie, since there will be quite a few images.

What do you guys think? Is this “do-able”?? If so, I’d appreciate any help.


K, after talking with this lady, all she is wanting is the image to fade into the following image. Shouldn’t be hard right?

of course this is doable. just fill an array with your pics and load up the pics in an empty clip every few seconds. [size=1]kode’s post #2[/size]