Auto increments

not sure what the problem is, probably doing something wrong
i have 5 clips:
cir1,cir2, cir3…
i want them to flicker one after another
i have the code that does the flicker effect thanks to some one else on this board and that works fine
so when i do it on the first clip, i want it to go on to the next one
here is the code so u could understand it better

MovieClip.prototype.blink = function (x) {
this._visible = true; 
this.step = 0;
this.framespersecond = 40;
this.seconds = x;
this.f = 0;
this.strobe = [0, 100, 30, 100];
this.onEnterFrame = function(){
this._alpha = this.strobe[this.step];
this.step += 1;
this.f += 1;
if (this.step == this.strobe.length){
this.step = 0;
if (this.f == this.framespersecond * this.seconds) {
delete this.onEnterFrame;

//need something here so it would go to the next clip, cir2 and then again to cir3 after cir2 is done


i tried arrays and loops but nothing worked, i probably didnt do it right but its getting frustrating

thanks for any help