Auto-scaling bitmap within button

Dear all,

I’m sure it’s a newbie-question, but I can’t get through this one…;(

I’m trying to have a full-screen flash-movie shown as my webpage, but with auto-scaling/autopositioning (liquidgui wannabe), in Flash CS4/AS3.

On the left-side of the stage, I have four (navigational menu-)areas, none of which have submenus.

Each area consists of two movieclips one on top of another: the first is an identical ‘background’-movieclip, the other movieclip containing just the text (as label (eg: pictures, guestbook,…).

On top of each area I created separate buttons, which upon hovering, displays a picture (a jpg-bitmap) instead of the area background, each picture is different depending on the area

Autoscaling and positioning works fine, if I only do this for the two movieclips together. But for some reason, the button-area with the bitmap in it, doesn’t scale along with it. So the menu-areas scale down correctly, but the hovering-image doesn’t scale along and shows up in a wrong place (the original .y with original .height)

When I force through code the .y and .height of these buttons to be the same as their respective buttons, hovering doesn’t seem to do anything at all anymore (even though the menu-areas still scale correctly).

I’m afraid this has to do with the underlying jpeg which can’t be scaled through AS3 ad runtime…?? Does any of you recognize this problem?

Thank a lot for any help or tips…