Auto scroll a map - help please!

hello all, what a great place this is.

I have an oversized map that I wish to use in my flash file, what I would like is to have the map scroll from left to right and right to left just by moving the mouse to the right or left, and various points on the map will be clickable (that part I can do)

is this possible?, I am new to actionscript, any help would be most appreciated

thanks in advance


The simplest solution I can think of offhand would be to place the map inside a movie clip, then use the onClipEvent(enterFrame) and updateAfterEvent(mouseMove) handlers to detect the position of the mouse (using _xMouse and _yMouse) and scroll the MC containing the map accordingly.

If no one else thinks of a cleaner method, come back to me and I’ll explain the ActionScript in a bit more detail.