Auto Update

Hi, i am making a widget from YWE! and need help with a flash object

i am planning on making a flash file for when i update my widget, it tells people to update it

heres the plans:
i have a site with a folder called widget:

the flash file will have 2[?] frames in it
one will check to see if its updated, the other will tell people to update the widget

in the first frame, i need actionscript
my flash will be in /widgets/update.swf
and then i will have a text file called /widgets/update.txt

when i embed the flash file, i would like there to be a flash var [?] at the end
so it would be update.swf?ver=…

whatever i put there, like for example update.swf?ver=1.0, i would like it to match it with the text file, and if its the same, do nothing
but its if different, go to the second frame

i would also like it to check the text file like maybe once a day?

please answer if you know, all help is greaty appreciated