Autojoin Rules PM

I’m sick and tired of people signing up for SOTW when the maximum of 10 has been reached. Nomatter if I explicitly post in bold “DON’T POST ANYMORE 4 SUBMISSIONS FROM NOW !”, people still do it. Sharif did it this week too, and he got ignored as well.

So - I propose that each new member on this board is automatically sent a PM or an email with the rules in it like SOTW, battle, Kool sites, footers … what to post where and how. No more excuses for too much submissions in SOTW !

I’ve been having the asme idea for some time now, never got around to suggesting it :stuck_out_tongue:

not so much SOTW, but just general rules, that way when ppl whine we can just say: “you recieved a PM, it’s your own duty to get aquainted(sp?) with the general rules of the boards”…

then they’ll have no excuse :evil:

is it possible K-man?

Let them post even after 10 entries are already there. Their entry simply will not count, and they wasted a little bit of their time. Also, another reason why I don’t mind people posting after 10 is that some of the entries may be disqualified. Then we can simply pick from the 11th or 12th entries in order to have 10 entries total.

If they don’t read the rules, it is their fault, and they are the ones who wasted their time :wink:

I agree. General rules like how to behavior on the forums, what kind of posts are not allowed, etc…

I’ll try to see what can be done :slight_smile: Since all member receive an activation e-mail, editing that e-mail to include the rules would be a better idea.

Problem is: they won’t read it so why bother? Let’s just keep on ignoring them, that’s all :slight_smile:

Well there are a few people that do read the activation e-mails. I know I for one have started to just in case there is some valuable information in them.

Like mentioned above, this is just another way that they cant say “I never saw the rules” kind of thing.

We had a similar thing going at FlashDevils, an PM members get when they first join. Did people actually bother and read it? I doubt.

I have a hard time getting some SOTW members to even read a PM I send asking for further clarification :beard:

I say let’s leave it as is. Every SOTW thread does have, in its first post, all the rules required for submitting a site. They are simply wasting their own time if they submit after the 10th entry, because it simply won’t count.

We can enforce a 1-day ban :evil:


I dub thy: Ahmed “the axe” Abbas

the axe, hahah