Automatic page refresh upon posting

hey, I dont know who reads these or if a committe goes over these suggestions but here goes.

I dont know how feasible this request is, or if i can be done. But my suggestion would be to add an automatic refresh functionality to the page when another user posts to the page.

I found this and basically its the same for a live-chat type of script i guess.

I use FF as my browser and when theres a page that i want to remember to go back to (or post a question and am in need of desperate help) I leave it open in another tab. Although this requires that I speradically go back to that window and ‘F5’ it. If I had this page open in the tab and it were to refresh itself when someone posts a comment I believe that the tab would turn orange which would catch my/any users attention.

Also if it could check to see if you are currently typing a message in the quick message box. (Although i think if the page refreshes your text remains in the box so you wouldn’t loose anything.) So if your in advanced mode the page wouldn’t refresh. understand?

Just seems like it would be a nice feature to have.

Any comments, ideas? What does everyone else think?