Automatic php redirectering

Hi guys… I did a form and everything is working, but i want to add an automatic redirectering to it. I want to wait like 2 - 4 seconds before redirectering the user to another page or to the page he was before going into the form. How can i do that???

Here’s something like the php code i’m using for the form…

if(isset($_POST['submit'])) {

	$name_field = "xxxxxxxx";
	$state = "Puerto Rico";
	$direc = "1234 Elm St.";
	$city = "xxxxxx";
	$zipcode = "88888";

	$fh = fopen("info.txt","a");

	$information = "$name_field,$direc,$city,$state,$zipcode";

	echo "Thanks! THe data has been submitted.";



} else {
	echo "Please go back to where ever u where before!";

thanks in advanced!!