Automatic resize in mx 2004?


Im wondering if Flash MX 2004 has implemented a function that will automaitcally resize/scale the whole Flash Application/movie so it will fit neatly into any resolution the user might have?

I remember putting together such a feature in Flash MX a year ago, and the code was neither pretty, nor did it work 100%.

It would be nice to just be able to select such a function in the publishing-settings.


Um, you mean have the flash application fill the entire browser window? You must mean something different, because that’s been around for a while. (publish settings, size:%100)

Sorry - I should have clarified that Im doing a stand-alone flash-movie (not embedded within a html-page).

What I would want is an automatic resizer for the whole flash-movie and its contents.


Set the [font=courier new]Stage.scaleMode[/font] property to “exactFit”?

…Look it up in the ActionScript Dictionary. :wink:

Thanks kode, Ill try that out.

Btw, this property is new for MX 2004, isnt it?

Ok. Good luck!

And no, it’s available for Flash MX too. :slight_smile: