Automatic resizing of dynamic images

Hi all. I am working on a site at the moment (product catalogue) for this company. I have a problem with the images i am using. It is taking too much time and effort to resize all the images in a photoediting programme. I was woundering would it be possible to automatically resize the images within my area. I have the images loading up within a layer mask. I was just wondering if it is possible to tell flash to set a true scale setting within the area mask.

I have noticed while editing image size in photoediting programmes I do suffer from a fundamental problem. Even when I constrain the proportions within an image re-size flash dos tend to distort this a little. Anyway. I have posted the following action script below so you can understand. Many thanks


 function setSubComboArray() {
 mySelectedItem = main_cb.getSelectedItem().data;
 title.text = main_cb.getSelectedItem().label;
 // trace(mySelectedItem+"/"+mySelectedItem+".jpg");
 loadMovie(mySelectedItem+"/"+mySelectedItem+".jpg", "_picWin");
 loadVariablesNum(mySelectedItem+"/"+mySelectedItem+".txt", 0);