Automatic update RSS flash reader?

Hi there,

Trying to make a simple rss-reader with flash. Got it kind of working, but now i am stuck.

I made a feed.php that flash reads when the .swf is played. Now i want flash to read the feed.php every say 5 min. To check if there is any new data. In the end i want to make a little .exe file a user can put on his desktop.

Any suggestions

am i on the right track

function loadXML(feedURL) {
myIdentifier = Math.round (Math.random () * 10000);
mc.load (feedURL + "?uniq=" + myIdentifier);
setInterval (loadXML, 5000, "");

yep, i think this is a good start. NOw i need this to be skipped the very first time?

What you could do is the same thing that you do with a flash clock… you put your code on the first frame and then on the second frame put gotoAndPlay(1) but that will update it every second which could be bad wit ha rss feeder if someone is reading it at the time and it decides to update itself and screw up their reading