I have a perfectly working form on my site where users input their email and it goes straight into my email inbox. However, I would like them to recieve an autoresponder message when they input an email. Although the(my) email to which user’s email is sent to has an autoresponder active, my server administrator explained that when an email is recieved, an autoresponder is sent to the form/site and not the user’s email address. He said I would require a code to put in my form to facilitate sending the autoresponder to the user who inputs his email in my site.

Does anyone know a code I could use??

Well, after the message is sent to you, I’m assuming on the flash movie it says something like “Thank You”. On that keyframe, you should the code to send it to them using the email that they gave you. The PHP code that you have (which sends the vars to ur email) should add like an extra piece of code which takes the var with their email and sends a message to them.

---- Lemme See Your Current Code ----
---- Tell Me What The Variable Of The Email INPUT is ----

I did exactly what you suggested but recieved this error message in the flash set-up when I try to publish/test it

Scene=Scene 1, Layer=mail, Frame=3: Line 1: Statement block must be terminated by '}'
on (release) {

Scene=Scene 1, Layer=mail, Frame=3: Line 10: Syntax error.

your missing a “}” in your function


on (release) {
        if (vemail eq "") {
        } else if (message eq "") {
        } else {
                loadVariablesNum("form.php", 0, "POST");

Thanks Digital. Geez, it’s just a small error. Surprises me how people can not know how to fix simple syntax such as onRelease. Dude, you don’t have to PM me everytime you post.

Ma bad,

I replaced the code in flash, now the following happened:

When user’s enter their email and click submit, it doesn’t go to the next frame saying “thank you…” like it did before,

they still don’t recieve the autoresponder message

and finally when I check my email, I see a new message but its not the user’s email address, its my webserver’s address?? what I’m I doing wrong?