Avatar Creator

Go to the link below and create yourself for an Avatar… Just like i did.

Avatar Creator…


Ha ha…that’s cool…just made me:

haha, cool! :smiley: I´ll post my pic in a minute :slight_smile:

Click my Username and view my profile for the full large version of “me”.

That’s nice! Did you try shrinking it down to 50x50? Or did it not look very good?

That would be me :smiley:

When i did i felt that too much of the detail was lost so i just used the cropped version. I don’t mind though. I kind of look a bit mysterious. Hehe.

Cool! I had trouble with the hat, it kept showing my hair above my hat as well…you don’t seem to have any, so that must not be an issue :smiley:

You can use the move tool on it. Just move the hat up a couple of pixels. They thought of everything by the looks of it.

D’oh! I guess reading the manuals really isn’t a male trait :stuck_out_tongue:

My new avatar! Thanks Starpromo :slight_smile:

Its okay Berko… Thats what a Not Moderator is for :slight_smile: