AVI > FLV > Now its screwed

Hey, hows it going…
Yea, not bad, yourself?
Good… Now heres my problem.

I took movie files from my digital camera, and exported them into flash, flash did some wizardry that im not really sure went down, when it was done, my movie was great, and I had some functionality at the bottom, for example, stop, pause, rewind, fast forward, volume; all very spiffing, I didnt expect flash to do that for me !
Well anyway, I added a layer over the movie layer, to put a ‘watermark’ on the top left, just for effect, then tried to upload the video, I uploaded the .swf, I assume that was correct… and just thinking about it now, has made me think that i should probably also upload the .FLV !!!

Ill come back to edit this if this isnt the case !

I apologise sincerely if it is the problem !