Back button in projector


you know like there is a nifty new feature in Flash MX to use frame anchors
and then use the browser’s back button to “go back”?
Yeah, well I’d like to have the same feature applied to a normal button in
Flash MX, for use in a projector. It’s a presentation that i’m doing and we
would really need such a thingie.

I hope you understand what i mean: basically a script that would go to the
frame that the user was on before the current, not necessarily being the
previous one.

I tried something with variables on each frame, but my skills are obviously not as good as they need to be, because i didn’t get anywhere.

I have all the content on the main timeline.
I was suggested to use an array, but am not quite sure how to do that exactly, since i have not much experience in programming.

Please help, if you can!