Backdrop problems

How can I make a moving backdrop that don’t interfear with the layer on top. I’ve tried to make a movie and load the backdrop into it and then load the navigation clip in as well, chaos.

Thankful for som help

Not sure if I understand…

Create layer one,add element for backdrop,add motion tween
Create layer two,paste navigation clip

Are you saying that something like that is interfiering with each other? and if so, in what way exactly are they interfiering?

No what I did was this, first I made a movie star.swf then I made the movie wich contain the navigation and logo. Then I loaded the star.swf into this movie, but the star movies animated stars goes on top of the main movie. I have loaded the star.swf like: loadmovie star.swf “1”. I also tried to switch from 0-3 but wit no results. Strange.

Thanks for your speedy reply

hmm. Have you tried reseting the level of the Navigation movie or just the star movie?