Background color

O.K. Let me descibe as best as I can. On my home page I want to have a logo set on top of the page. Behind the logo I would like to have a color (say black) that is dark at the very top and progressivly gets lighter at the bottom to a final color (say white). This is only going to take up an inch or two at the very top of the page. How would I go about doing this?

Hey alienforu,
You will not be able to do it using FrontPage, but you can use an image editing program. In an image editing program, create a large rectangle and add a gradient fill that starts of black near the top and becomes lighter as you near the bottom. You can then apply that image as a background in FrontPage.

FrontPage, unfortunately, does not include any good built-in graphic editing features.

Kirupa :rambo: