Background issues

I made a logo in photoshop and then I imported it into flash 5 but everytime I do I keep getting the white background that the photoshop saves on.

Can ANYONE please, tell me how to get rid of this background, so I just have the logo I designed?

Thanks a mil…

try savind the picture file into .gif format… if that doesn’t do you can try .tif and .png too but I’m not sure… :-\

Or you can make the background transparent. Save the image as a .gif and close it. Re-open, and set the mode to RGB. Then use the Magic Eraser tool to make the background colour transparent. Then when you import into Flash, you should get a clear background.

The best way is to make your backgorund around your image in Photoshop transparent. Then save as a PNG file. You will still have a box boarder around the image but you will only see what isn’t transparent.

PS. The box around your image will be the same size as the canvis you made it on in PS so be sure to crop as much as you can or it will be hard to move you image around the flash stage.

Hope this Helped:)