Background scene

I would like to create this effect.
I already have this nice scenery scene.
I would like to let user see a small circle hole showing part of the scenery 1st.
then it kind of zooms in, the bigger the hole, the more scenery shown, until the whole scenery scene is shown.
Pls help.


Place your image on a layer. Create a new layer above that layer.
To the left of the layer NAME in your main time line is a small square… double click on it to bring up your layer properties dialogue box. First do this to the layer above the layer with the picture. Select “mask”.
Do the same thing to the layer with the picture but choose “masked”

Now, select the first frame of the empty layer. Draw a circle on the stage. Select the first frame again and choose menu option “insert/create motion tween”.
Select frame 10, and choose menu option “Insert/Keyframe”. Now select frame 10 again and you will see a square outline around your circle. Scale the circle so that it covers the whole stage.

Try testing the movie… you might have to play around with the scale in both the first and the tenth frame.

hey upuaut8,

Did u have to play around with the scale of that circle on ur pic too? lmao