Background woes!

i ahve made myself a fancy background for my new portfolio i am making … but when i import it into flash from photoshop, it is half the size and when i resize it, it turns out all pixelated and crappy !!

it is really getting on my nerves !! :{

//soirry for the profanity ! :hangover:

?? that’s a wierd one!
Go to photoshop. make sure that you know how big the image is (under image size). save it in the desired size then in flash import it to the library. I don’t see a reason why it shouldn’t work. my guess is that you were zooming in photoshop and that is why it looked big.
Hope this helps

I agree with Algreco…but actually you can set the size in pixels also (and make sure the resolution is set for the web!).


and don’t forget to update the image file in the library if you make changes to the image.