Backward graverty affect

i want to make some movie clips go upward but when they go off the screen they go down to the bottom and start this cycle again
please try to explain this like one of the tutorials
sorry if theres a post like this aready
ps: like bubbles so they qwivver side to side

Sorry, I’m not sure I understand what your asking for…maybe something like my attachment?

soory i run flash mx not flash 2004 (that is what you use?)

well i mean like when bubbles come from the bottom of a jar and wobble there way to the top! but in stead of a bubble a MC!

well, isnt it just the same as the gravity but with everything reversed? And at the very top when it exits the swf stage, just reset the MC._y value to be below the stage height. I’m just confused a bit by your question. If you followed the gravity tutorial, you should be able to do this.