i want one of these bags while they’re on sale, but i dont know which is best.

[font=Century Gothic][color=royalblue]grungey[/color][/font]
[font=Century Gothic][color=royalblue][/color][/font]
[font=Century Gothic][color=royalblue]70’s[/color][/font]
[font=Century Gothic][color=royalblue][/color][/font]
[font=Century Gothic][color=royalblue]orange[/color][/font]

None really. ha ha.

But if I had to pick I would go with orange. Its the most normal looking of the bags.

I like the 70’s style the best. The orange seems to bland for me, I’d like to turn heads with a big “FCUK” on the side of the bag, lol. Grungey ain’t bad, but it should be your personal decision, all depends on what style YOU like.

i want something that looks good, and i want pople to notice the FCUK, so that eliminates the orange one :cool:

Well people will DEFINATELY notice the big huge FCUK, INC. on the 70’s style…the Grungy is good, but it doesn’t catch the eye as much as the 70’s style. lol.

k…so im going with the 70’s one, i like it. its my fav color-blue.

If you want to turn heads, just get the FCUK shirt and wear it every once in a while. With having the bag, it’ll get old very fast.

i have two of their shirts, i want the bag. the regular price in canada for a bag is $50. their on sale, $30–thats how much a regular bag from any other brand would cost. so im not paying more for it, plus i like fcuk!

YOu no what, instead of paying a french connection tshirt $50. Print one big ‘F U C K’ and print it. Im sure it’ll be even more noticed.

im a student, if i where that to scool, ill get punished.

God these things are so funny.

I thought it meant F*ck by email for a second. Before I noticed FCUK was a company…

:sigh: Slaps Self

I think my mother bought some stuff off here. Anyways does Fcukstar Awards have anything to do with this?

another question.

what other things should i buy from them, keep in mind that i need clothes, my closet is mostly white nike and adidas t-shirts.

actually, thats a good idea, heheh
i’ve wanted to make my own bag for a while,
did a bunch of nice looking designs and everything
maybe if i ever do it, ill print that on the side, haha

are you really desperate to spend all your money on as few articles of clothing as possible?
i shop much cheaper than that

im desperate for clothes, and i like wearing designer stuff. I have my share of nike, adidas, roots (canadian), and levis clothes, but the problem is, its all white. i dont want to spend my money on somthing cheep.


anyone else with opinions on clothes/bags?

since your from toronto, you should sport something like this:

maybe that was uncalled for.

I like the second one, the 70´s one, looks good :slight_smile: