Band Video - Cartoon Animation

Hello everyone. For some time, I’ve been working on a cartoon-style animated video for my band, and it’s essentially complete, though I’d appreciate some feedback before its launch.

Wars We Need to See - video

We’ll be fully launching/promoting it this week, with an e-mail blast and other marketing efforts - an “E-mail a Friend” function will be added before the launch, so I’ve got that taken care of.

The animated band characters are the characters I’ve used on the main band site, launched in 2001. The styles of the video and site are intended to match - both should have a fun, kind of loose feeling - we’re not going for realism here, but rather an entertaining concept for our two-minute tune, to promote our band, drive more visitors to our site and increase online album sales.

Any feedback is appreciated - thanks in advance.


Animation looks great but the lip syncing could use some work.

I may fine tune the lips a bit - I know there are a few choppy points, but that’s somewhat dependent on processor speed. And, I’ve only got a few mouth positions anyway, but thanks for the feedback.

If anyone else sees lip synching issues or anything else, please let me know - thanks.