Bandwidth curiosity

Just curious, how much bandwidth would a site the size of use, you might be able to answer this kirupa :-/

About a 100-150 GB per month :slight_smile:

:x Gosh!!!

:stuck_out_tongue: That is some crazy shiznit.

thanks :rambo:

do you go with a shared plan or dedicated server?

yes, so you need to stop posting so much because its eating up bandwidth :bad:


Hah! “…stop posting…” Says the one with 8800+ Posts!


From the FAQ:

How do you manage to keep everything on the site free?

For the first three years, all the expenses were paid by Kirupa. A few years ago, Wildform graciously agreed to advertise on the site. Recently, we have been very fortunate enough to have excellent sponsors and advertisers such as Mediatemple, Racknine, Fonts for Flash, Electric Rain,, and others who have supported the site at crucial times. Please, if you get a chance, click their links and explore their sites - you won’t be disappointed.

880… OH MY! Thats it! Im leaving! :run:

Lol :P!

mediatemple takes care of all hosting expenses, but I try to not overload their services (and generosity) by using large images, etc. I periodically go through and compress images, zip up large FLAs, etc. :slight_smile:

Therefore, the site/forums bandwidth increase has stayed relatively low compared to the increase in traffic.

Kirupa is lucky enough to get hosting from (mt)! And since it’s such a big community it’s free :thumb:!

So I think it’s a good thing you take advantage of them but not take advantage of them so much by abusing them with large images and what not :).

Hey Reefster, in the dictionary under redundant, it says ‘see redundant.’ :stuck_out_tongue:



am I just not getting the joke, because I don’t see that :stuck_out_tongue:

:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: - Did I express myself too much? Schpank me.