Banging head against keyboard... PHP + Flash = headache

Ok… i know there are countless tutorials about integrating flash and php to make image galleries or using xml and flash for the same thing. Nothing i try seems applicable to my design, so i’m going to throw this one out there and see if someone has any good ideas on where to go with this. I have always liked flash better than html, but have avoided it for a photography website because it’s a pain to update. Soooooooo…

What i’m wanting is a flash webpage that dynamically creates an image gallery. As far as normal HTML/PHP goes, I currently have such a website ( For each category, I have a directory structure of folders called “large” & “thumbs.” My php script goes into the thumbs directory, and counts how many images are in there, then creates an html table to display the thumbnails for the larger images. I understand that flash could create the thumbnails so I’m not worried about that, but I would like to try to accomplish the same updating-ease with flash. Anybody got any ideas? I’m having a hard time getting flash and php to communicate properly.

One website I really want to emulate or at least figure out is

Other notes: I am using my 10.3.9 OSX powerbook for testing with PHP enabled on the webserver. It runs my php scripts just fine… but could that becausing problems with domain security issues within flash? All in all i’m very frustrated and could use a bit of a nudge in the right direction… my head is already hurting… :frowning: