Banner Rotator Powered by XML

Not sure where i should post this.
As the project i am working on doesn’t require flash cs3 :\ but i am using Flash cs4.

oh well

so I have an issue with a banner rotator i created.
if you go here:
*really bad website, but just suck it up. and don’t view in IE
Look at the flash banner in the upper right hand corner.
notice sometimes it works and sometimes it gets stuck on “loading”
refresh the page a couple times, you might see what i am talking about.

why is that?

the banner reads an XML file, then parses the info into flash, and there i load up the banner URLs one by one and cycle through them.

i’ve spent hours trying to debug my code and I can’t find ANYTHING :frowning:

I’ve uploaded the [fla] file to the server for you all to download :frowning:
*saved the .fla as Flash CS3, so you’ll need at least Flash CS3 to view it.

Most of the code is kept in Frame 1 in the “actions” layer.

I had this code working last year on another website and it was flawless.
I have no idea what could be causing the continuous ‘stuck’ issue.
sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t :\

  • could it be the _root.myIdentifier?

if you want to view the code but dont have Flash CS3, let me know i might just post it here for convenience.