Banner test

Ok here is the full scenario.

I need to make a banner that will look in the html document that the flash object is placed in and call in text, much like it would do if it was an external text file. I also need this banner to have a backup plan in case the user cannot see the flash banner; it will show a still image (which would be the ending image of the flash banner) so that it’s not just this blank square.

Hope that makes sense.

Now my take on what I need to do and how I have been attempting this task.

I’ve made a table in html that will have a background image, (which is my still image) and then put my swf to play in the one cell I’ve created. I am thinking I need to use css in order to keep the image from repeating since I see the borders, (even though the border=“0”) is showing the background image around the flash as well a fixed size. My problem with this part is I can’t test this, since I don’t know how to block flash from displaying on my computer with the browser still being flash capable at least.

On to the calling in text from the same html file that the flash sits in. I am really not sure how to do this. I’ve had flash call in from an external file before but not from with in the same html file.

Anyone have any ideas or suggestions where to look? I have hit a few sites trying to locate something, but I haven’t found anything that was dead on helpful, at least in this situation.

Any help is always greatly appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to read this.