Bar loaders with percentage and/or progress?

Hi …can someone help me on how to make bar loaders with percentage or progress…

…if u can write up a tutorial or find a link plz…reply…
…thank you very much…

Try’s tutorials section.

Just type in preloaders. There are tons. Some are really good. A few leave a great deal to be desired.


everybody calm down why stray from kirupa he is putting a tutorial on today written by no other than me it has load bar and percentage and amount loaded


can u give me the link plz …???
thanks a lot…

this is Kirupa’s preloader tutorial:
This is a list of all flashkit preloader tutorials:

:ninja: mdipi
P.S. they’re in the Links thred also.(that was a mistake!)

kirupa has uploaded my tutorial now so just use that its on latest tutorials