Barefoot longjump

Rainy summer in Sweden, here is my second entry …

Barefoot longjump

// Mattias

cool, but it should have something that notifies the user when there’s a fault. nice job overall though.

Yeah, I know. But then again … if you do a 0p-jump, then you didnt do it well … :wink:

that’s awesome! I love these types of games, very nice job on the graphics too

edit: but what do the buttons at the end when you submit to the highscore list say? are those in english?

11.42 meters, that’s gotta be a world record!

Very nice game, by the way. I’m a huge fan of Track and Field :beam:

w00t…I got 15 something on a couple jumps XD That was a fun game, way to go. Beautiful graphics too, reminds me a bit of Orisinal.

16.48!! Woo! That’s gotta get me a prize. Like a giant Teddy bear or something. Sniff I never won a giant teddy bear before.

EDIT: [size=3]18.42!!![/size][size=2] And I got the highest score with 5036pts! Ooh yeah![/size]

EDIT 2: [size=7]19.17!!! Yeah![/size]

wow, fun game! i love the illustrations!


I only got 15.something…post screen grab to claim the giant teddybear

Ooops. No, that is swedish … :F

Here Flash, don’t say you never won anything…

Aww! Thanks.

Wow that is one addictive game I’ve been playing it for the last 15 minutes. I currently hold all top 3 positions as the only player to get over 5000 points! Yeah! Woo!

very nicely designed :smiley:
love the style.

you ought to make it so you just have to push enter to submit your name

OMG don’t tell me you smashed your teddy bear onto a scanner. :hurt:

Thanks for the tips. I will do that (when I have time) :slight_smile:

Haha, who’s your daddy now :party: :crazy:

Wow Ilyas le G®eek, Im impressed!!!

[color=Red] 16,81m

reminds me a bit of Orisinal.

i agree. but that is a good thing…