I don’t get which one is the most ‘official’ one. I’d say But looks like we’ve got twins.



It may have something to do with this link I found on qdb? :alien2:

I thought it was a mirror at first but there are definitely some differences :huh:

[edit] @ kirupa: :wink: [/edit]

yup and I was looking at ‘’ vs ‘’ searches in both databases and apparently they’re aware of it.

My bad… not a rip…

Yeah i found that site some time ago… didn’t know what to think of it :-/

Neither one is a “rip” – both sites are forks of the original Quote Database that was at and then

More info about this can be found on Wikipedia:


why is there footer say this,,,,  	Hosted by DaemonHosting

there linking to this topic. how fun. a good plug

I think that simply shows the last few sites that referred to their site :slight_smile:

if so thats gotta get some hits:)