Basic ActionScript question - I think

I’ve seen a few sites where a really cool navigation system is used. Instead of traditional scroll bar, the bars are invisible and the icons move by the mere movement of the mouse.\r\rSo, for instance, I would like to align a few buttons horizontally, but there are about 20, so this would exceed the browser window. But my idea is to scroll these buttons by mousing over the left (to move it left) or the right (to move it right).\r\rMy example probably doens’t make any sense, but for an idea about what I’m talking about check out:…1nav.html. \r\rMy idea is essentially the same, although I don’t care to have the background shift, and I would like this to be a horizontal shift instead of vertical. As uncomplicated as possible, please.\r\r\rThanks,\r\rRyan…=1&stop=20\r\rthis thread should get you started. If you have any other questions let us know and one of us should be able to answer it. Good luck… it’s a cool effect.