Basic hyperlinks

Working through module 3, I’m having problems with basic hyperlinks.

In both the Project file that I worked on and in the Answers file I unzipped, neither of the links to ‘same.htm’ or to ‘window.htm’ work in Preview. This is bewildering me because
a, in the Normal view, choosing the link ('forward to linked file) in the dropdown menu does lead to the linked file;
b. in the Preview option, the file path at the bottom left hand corner appears to be valid.
c. the email and bookmark options work alright in both files.

I’m worried about this because without basic hyperlinking, F P isn’t going to be of any use as a webdesign program.

Please Help!


Hey Kieran,
I replied to your e-mail earlier. Try previewing the page in your browser instead. The FrontPage preview worked for me (for the files that you sent me), but I am certain that they will work in the browser for you. FrontPage preview has some quirks in it :wink:

Kirupa :alien:

Thank you