Basic Movement

Ok ok, i know i should know this but im having some dificulty with this…

I’m trying to make an Object (mc) move with Actionscript.

I know the formula on how to make an object go in a strait line, and even with acceleration, etc.

I want the MC to follow my mouse. And no like mouse trails, but like its walking towards it. =)

I just cant get it to work right… any sugestions?

if you give me a basic formula, i can probly figure out the rest.


What do you mean, walking towards it:q:

lemme think…

ok basically, have the object start at one point,

then lets say, click another point, and have it move there.

That kind of thing.

I know how to make an object’s _x = the mouse’ _x etc, i want it to “dyanmically” move towards the cursor…

I dotn know how to explain it better… and if that makes no sense
then i’ll just have to move to tibet. hehe =)

I don’t know if this is exactly what you mean but you might want to check it out.

Hope this helped:beam:

WHoa! Yes thats exactly what i mean =)

I just cant explain things well lol =)

thanks Syntax!