Basic Online Registration Query

Hi all,

Not sure if this should be posted here or in the server-side group…

I have been tasked to create a website for an up and coming fishing competition event, which is fine, but has to include a basic online registration, where the person can pay the registration fee for the event.

It doesn’t need a backend database or anything to store the person’s info - just need the facility to enter in basic information (such as name), and then click a “register now” button to pay for the event, which should just send off the appropriate email saying such-and-such has paid, and the user would just pay via credit card by whatever means I have yet to determine.

So, doesn’t need any reporting or database facilities. Just ability to pay for the event, and send off an email to the coordinators of the event.

What is the easiest way to do this? :slight_smile:

Thanks for any info. Much appreciated.

Media Panda