Basic portfolio of swfs no one can play

I would like to document some past flash projects and experiments I’ve done. Being in the flash file format, im probably going to make some short YouTube videos of them.

My first thought is to just grab a basic website template and edit that, i started to and quickly remembered my web dev skills are simply poor. I can get the job done, but i think i end up with something where the low quality website first impression is probably more distracting than the content itself.

If you wanted to have a few flash projects to display, with small write ups what would you use? Do you think short videos are a good idea? Especially since no one can play the swfs

A website?, something like behance or another service?

Videos are good. People generally aren’t going to want to play the SWFs directly but you may want to have them available should someone actually want the full swf experience.

I also think a small portfolio site would be nice. As much as I should, I don’t know a lot about behance, but it sounds like it would be a good platform for these things, right? But as far as a portfolio site goes I don’t think it necessarily has to look good itself (but, you know, don’t make it look bad), rather, it just needs to be simple, clean, and easy to navigate. Afterall, they should be focusing on the videos. It may also be blatantly obvious if you use a stock template, though that may depend on the template.

I did a little googling and this is kind of what I imagined it looking like from your description:

Yeah thats more or less what i would picture. This similar template mostly has what i would need to get going quickly, although im not fond if it.

I might be a little old school but I’m also thinking a website is still probably best, i thought id ask now that many small businesses dont even have websites anymore, instead linking to various social medias

I guess i was looking for a shortcut. I put together something yesterday (different template) thinking oh ill just slap some content on a template, but i suppose like anything else, it shows as such

I was trying to think of something similar I did and was like, oh yeah, that one time, but with images and… in Flash :stuck_out_tongue: I’m going to try and dig those up; it was a series of gallery swfs, maybe even done for kirupa or some other site. Here we go:

… still absolutely no idea why I made these. Oh wait! I just found this, and its under the kirupa folder so it must have been for here (unless I just made this page to show them off here):

Nice. I like your drawing of a puzzle piece where it says this plugin is not supported

I worked extra hard designing that :wink: If only I knew someone with experience in turning these things into YouTube videos…


This thread inspired me to go look back at a few flash projects and sites I made, only to discover my WD Red Pro that contained them has failed…

I’m in a similar situation, where I have a bunch of Flash projects on my personal website and they’re all broken now. I learned about a few solutions out there to automatically convert SWFs to HTML5. Has anyone had success with one of those?