Basic scripting: transition help needed

Hi there,

there are 5 movie clips containing the 5 different sections of the content of my website. You start viewing mc #1, now, when I click on the button which sends the viewer to, say, movieclip #4, I would like mc#1 to play a small “outro” transition.
Ok, first I thought it’s easy, just put on the button that calls mc#4 a line somewhat like:

[position of my mc#1].gotoAndPlay (“outro”);

Let mc#4 wait, and then play it.
This works fine with 2 movieclips, but if you have more then two, it would’t work, because you don’t know which clip is currently active and which outro frame you should go and play.

This problem is I guess a very simple one, but my action scripting knowledge is still bound to some limitations…

Is there a way to track which movieclip is currently playing? or any ideas?