Battle: Mock Site

Battle: A Mock Layout for


Date: March 6

Guidlines: JUST, the reason for this is we want a uniform site, so they can accurately be judged. If everyone did different sites this wouldn’t turn out right.

Why This a mock for a corporate site.

Coding or Just Graphics: This battle will be judged PURELY on graphics, not motion or coding. This being said you can put animation or a coded menu, it simply want count towards your potential victory.

Programs: Any Graphics Application (Illustrator, PS, even Flash, etc…)

Content: You can use different images for the header or content but the actual text and buttons needs to remain the same. This is so we can see how a designer can use what hes given. This battle is to determine who has the best or creative visual piece, the content should have nothing to do with it.

Thanks to all the participants, this should be awesome, feel free to post any inqueries.

EDITThis was revised in accordance to the questions and opinions of some participants. That is why some of the posts below might conflict with the above rules. EDIT