Bazaar jQuery AJAX Post issue

Ok here’s one that has got me puzzled!

var data = $("form").serialize();

		type: "POST",
		url: "actions/signup.php",
		data: data,
		success: function(msg){
				if(!msg) {
				} else {
					alert("An error occured processing your request:

		error: function(){
				alert("An error occured processing your request:

 Could not complete operation");

Ok so I created this script, yesterday it all worked 100%, today went to use it an ALL of the POST scripts aren’t sending the right data through. It’s really strange as nothing changed with any of the scripts it just stopped working…

I switched to GET and it works, data is sent through fine. However with POST the same data’s been through just the PHP script can read any of the post data.

Keep in mind all I’m changing is the $_GET to $_POST and vise versa on the PHP side and the GET to POST on the javascript side.

Should I be using something other than serialize to post the data? Or should it be working (as it did yesterday).