BB vs Kirupa Forum

Some nice selections!!

Is anyone voting yet?

I did.

voted!! really cool!:wink:

I am not going to vote, but all of the entries are really great! :slight_smile:

[size=1]*edit: it seems like I can’t vote should temptation overcome me![/size]

Voted wow that work is amazing FANTASITIC! job to everyone that has submited so far can’t wait to see the rest of them.

I thought there were supposed to be more battles?

not all of the categories are open - waiting on some BB guys.

we will keep updating it as they come in! :slight_smile:

PR studio, you ruckused the competition, good job.

ty :love:

yeah, nice job pr :wink:

Yeah - your picture looks amazing pr :slight_smile:

voted!! awesome entries by PR gina & voets. Think we r gona win 3-1 =)

the work is awesome overall, I know which are my favorites, but in most of them it seems like it could really go either way, some amazing work there - everyone should be proud regardless.

NOW GET YOUR BUTTS OVER THERE AND VOTE (if you havent) :smiley:


Whoa…Man, those are some INCREDIBLE pieces of work…makes me want to give up all together…

Anyway, I voted, and good luck to all involved.