Beat this idea up pleez

I am not sure if this belonged in site check…because it is not really a site yet. But here it is

Let me know what you think. The client wanted something simple that used their logo in the nav but subtly.

I am stuck on the header. My ideas ran out. So any of those appreciated too. I know it is simple but hey.

It is in its very initial stage

i like it…but it feels like something is missing… a logo?

I know it will be in the header, But if you look close where the nav is you can see there logo in the back ground (watermark)

I hate these kind of requests…

These are the types of sites where I sit in front of the monitor for hours, hoping something cool will just appear in front of me…

Sorry I don’t have any insights, but I wanted you to know I was trying…

You aren’t alone…


I like it! The simplicity works

  • Soul :goatee:

Here is the samething but sliced up with a lil interactivity…

Okay maybe now I should have moved this to site check…sorry peeps

that is perfect! good good job!keep that.

thanks mdipi…This is a spur of the moment project they need a site in 4 days. And they want it dynamic so I have to bust my butt to get this thing XML and ASP driven…and had lil time for design…still stuck on a header but maybe the idea fairies will spinkle some inspiration on me tonite.

omg! i just got done drawing a fairy! lol :P. but for the header, just do the logo then their moto. btw, what do you mean by “dynamic”?

Dynamic as in database driven all the information will pulled from a database and XML…Makes it easier to do updates.

oh man. and you have to set this up in 4 days? well, knowing you, you can do it. i have an offtopic question for you, and cause i got your attion here i figure that i dont need a new thread…

i draw somthing in MAX, but i can add depth, now i assume this is the same in any 3D app. but do you know how i would do this? cause right now when i render it is blank…

not sure I follow you…what tool did you use to draw?? what is it that you are drawing??

hahahaha…my buddy says my splash sceen looks like chrome poop! What do you think mdipi? it is just a splash screen but I dont want it to make people think of poop!

Alright guys stop submitting my form with funny bogus stuff in it :x

i have an idea, how bout a mad graphic in the bacground behind your nav and spreads around to the top?!?

And u make it blend in into tha deep blue??


no, not poop cause it is

  1. To big to plop out that one
    2.Its crome, what would you eat to poop that?
  2. It says “Taking Form”

and what i ment was, i just like draw anyting, then like if i go to render, it disapers, do like i have to make a base and sides and stuff then like fill it with material…?

Yes you have to have a scene objects…like light. if it is just black you probably do not have a light source. I think default wise 3ds give an object a color texture so you should atr least see that. Also a good idea is to apply a material…Also check your render options. Make sure you raytrace and all the goodies on.

well see, while you replyed i fooled around, i enclosed it, added a material. but it still is blank…i think i need a way to add a fill, i asked dan who used to work with max but he didnt know…so i guess i will try different render options. thanks for the help, if this doesnt work, time to search google:bad:

could you post or email me the file?? Dude I think it is in your render options…how do you have your render set up? Do you have lights and stuff set up??

■■■■, i didnt save it. i left the render the same, but i added a direct spotlight on it. i will re-do the file and get back to you, i am in a run to get my XBox Live up and running. i am going to need like 200 ft of ethernet cable :P, do you think i could just set up a wireless network then hook it up to that? i think it should work, i mean its a full sized ethernet card…

It does not support wireless…anyway you would only get like a 14.4 thru put.

3D one away form 200! well thanks, the guys art Radio Shack and Staples helped. I needed 90 ft of wire :crazy: now i gotta make my own Cat 5e wires…:crazy: fun fun for 2m. and then i also gotta install my 2nd HD for my Comp and then buy GR so i can play that live…few, busy day…