• Really great beatboxers. Check out some of their movies and tours :).

LOL, that’s great! There’s a guy in my class who tries to beatbox, he’s kinda good, but not nearly as good as these guys… It’s kinda catchy, when he’s busy in class I always tended to join in lol :stuck_out_tongue:

But this is the coolest site I ever saw about it :thumb: Although the guys’ faces are kinda funny when they’re going at it :beam:

El - Your right lol :P. I was always thinking, “Am I the only one that sees corny faces?” Lol.

Yeah, the first guy’s face has this kinda grin on it, it’s amusing lol. Beatboxing is cool to listen to or watch from a distance, but a guy who just stands there in front of a camera with a headphone on, and starts to beatbox…it’s funny lol.

Haha crazy! I had seen the harmonica thing some time ago I still think that is one of the coolest things they did…

Awesome site, thanks for lettin ous in!