Beginner needs help! - How to play nonlinearli a movie clip?

Hello, :slight_smile:
Can anybody tell me how to solve my flash problems?

  1. I would like to set such an action to a flash menu, so to play nonlinearly some parts of a movie clip.

For example, if I have a movie clip with 30 frames, to be able when clicking on item1 from the menu, to play movie from 1-st to the 10-th frame (and then to stop), but if I click on item3, to play movie from 20-th to 30-th frame.

  1. I would like to start a flash in a HTML frame, and on some events (for example from a flash menu in this frame) to change whole (this) frame (with the flash) with a common HTML page.

Maybe the questions are very simple, but I am new with flash.

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

  1. use this code on the button



clip1 should be the name of the frame you want to go to. This can be any name that you chose. You could also put in a number ie 20 and it would go to 20 but its best to use names incase you change the number of frames.

  1. use
    this will go to the url that you indicate and replace the flash with the new html page that you specify