Beginners Actionscript book (for an artist)....suggestions?

I just got Flash MX 2004 and I would like to get a good book for a beginner on Actionscripting. I’m not really a programmer, I’m an artist (check my sig to see some of my artwork). I catch on to programs quickly, but I’m looking for a book that might be good for a designer/artist to learn actionscripting, not a programmer. I’m in the process of designing my new site and have some cool ideas, but they all need actionscripting to pull off. Any advice on a book is much appreciated.


I think I’m going to give that Definitive Guide a go and see how I like it. Its $50, but will be worth it in the end of it helps me achieve the website I am going for. I know for some of the things Actionscript is going to be the only way to achieve it, or it will at least make it smaller in file size instead of a lot of tweening and animation.

Thanks for the advice both of you.

I am a designer/illustrator and always tend to steer towards books that have real hands-on visual experiences. Add that with the step-by-step tutorials here at and all the wealth of knowledge by all those that frequent the forums here and you will learn AS. I suggest getting a foothold on the basics first however.

I like the book “Flash MX 2004|Hands-On Training” by Rosanna Yeung and Lynda Weinman. And I know you are going to cringe but it doesn’t hurt to look in the manual either. There is also a ton of information at your fingertips via Google.

My view is that you assign yourself a task in Flash, scour your books and the web, experiment and if all else fails ask intelligent and courteous questions here at Kirupa. Remember, if you use the forums try to pass on the favor by helping someone else or if you make a discovery share it with us.


I prefer the “Flash MX ActionScript Bible”, there is probably a newer version out now for MX 2004.

Thanks for the suggestions everyone.

I went ahead and ordered the Definitive Guide. I found it on for $37. I’ll look through that and try my hands at some AS. Once I get my new site designed on paper, I’ll start putting it together in Flash and if I run into problems hopefully the book will help, or I can always ask the nice people here on the forums for help. The internet is probably the single best teaching resource ever. Man I love the net!!

Good luck :slight_smile:

Hmm… I just saw this topic 5 seconds after thinking of making my own. Thanks!

Actually the first book i got, ‘Flash to the Core’ by Joshua Davis ( is one that helped me a ton. I’m a graphic designer, not a programmer, and it used simple and intelligent examples that were great building blocks for other things. Plus the tutorials looked nice, as most books have really ugly projects. The book was written for Flash MX but it works fine for 2004, it just doesn’t cover the new features that are in 2004. Just my 2 cents.


I checked out your site, very clean, very nice. Great job. If I can come out of all this with a site as nice as that I’ll be happy.

If you’re talking about the site, i’m afraid i didn’t do that. That’s Joshua Davis’s site, the guy who wrote the book i mentioned. I can’t take credit for that, even though i’d like to. C:-)


I do have my own site though, even though it’s not really anything special. But the ‘bio’ section i learned how to do from that book.

Actually I was talking about :slight_smile: I went to your public profile to see if you had a site so I could see what your Flash training has done for you.

Wow cool, thanks:-) sorry didn’t mean to seem rude, thanks for the compliment.


Didn’t sound rude at all, no worries. Did you take a photo of an old book for the background? I love that look.

Actually the old book texture came from our album graphics that i had already done. I scanned in the book and took all the text off in photoshop. The pages in the booklet of the CD have that same kind of texture. It started off as a school project and we ended up actually using it. The whole webpage is html though, except the loaded pages in the middle. I keep meaning to go in and redo the whole thing in flash so i can do a little more with it and update it and expand it easier but i never get around to it.

I’m gonna have to go and check out some of your artwork now.:slight_smile:



HOLY CRAP you’re good at illustrating! Ok if you learn Flash, we all mine as well quit with it… if you can combine your illustration skills and flash, that would be some amazing stuff! I mean your work’s already amazing. Good stuff!

Thanks! Wait til you see my ideas for my site. I’m sure I’ll be posting on here needing help every once in a while since I’m attempting some pretty cool stuff and I’m a newbie at Flash ASing. There will be 3D character animation (that will then be traditionally illustrated frame by frame), illustrated backgrounds, smoke, fire, particles, etc. If all goes as planned at least. :wink: