Best Hard Rock

Who is it?

Of the limitied choices I picked zepplin.

Audioslave/Rage Against the Machine are two different bands. I mean you might as well put another slash soundgarden in there. I see one glaring omission to this line up. Nirvana how can they be left off and Linkin park be on this list.

I choose System of a Down.

i choose not to vote, as some of the best are not represented. Soundgarden, Alice and Chains, Metallica, Opeth.

If Linkin Park is hard rock, then i am no longer a fan of hard rock.

depends. Is this who do I like the most, or who was the most ground breaking and biggest influence on the music industry?

There is no question that Lincoln Park is a hard rock band. Just not worthy of “the best” list

Linkin park s-ucks :confused:

where’s Van Halen?

where’s Motley Crue?

Where’s Rush?

Is Boston considered ‘Hard Rock?’

and lets not forget all of the “hair bands”



How could they have forgotten the crue?

how could they forget Dokken!!?? lol =) i must be the only 21 year old who knows about Dokken =)

they’re all the best but i picked AC/DC since i could only vote on one… =( hehehe

Yo, as the starter of this poll the only eason I put Linkin Park up was because they seem to be popular in this forum. Meteora sucks in my opinion and so does there band. Alice in Chains is no where near Led or AC/DC and neither is Nirvana. Plus Nirvana isnt hard rock, they’re grunge. Two totally opposite genres (one takes talent the other takes a lead singer that can yell some notes that would sound better coming out of my *****).

Linkin Park? Hard Rock? They don’t rock, lately their music is just rap with drums! Change it to summit like Slipknot =)


Van Halen is good rock, but not screamin vocals and guitar like led zeppelin or AC/DC. I am wrong to have not put Sabbath up there (sorry) or Floyd (though not really hard rock). I can’t list them all:beam:

Since you all are whining about your fav’s, i have a new thread with more choices.

2nd times a charm.

I had to put Kiss on there, but really they arent hard rock. There drummer just sat down and hit the foot pedal a few thousand times while the others were worried about they’re makeup.:scream:

*Originally posted by ironzionmarley *
**Since you all are whining about your fav’s, i have a new thread with more choices. **

Your going to last long here acting like that man.

this is useless, and consumes board resources…

Please do not start useless polls, threads…

We have had a rash of these in the past, so I am being pre-emptive…