Best headings for web pages using Flash MX

Hey Kirupa

I am very much impressed by our website. Can you give me few tips to make attractive headings for the webpages. It would be helpful if you could provide me with few live examples to create headings using Flash MX.
I m a beginner to the world of web designing. After html, i just stepped into the world of flash and I tried couple of tips provided at your web site, very useful one…
So now i have started to design a web page and I might need your help very often.
Thank you very much.


By heading, do you mean like a welcome sign, or the name of your site?

I prefer to leave those as GIF’s myself if you are mixing HTML and flash.

Please elaborate.

Heading i mean to say is the welcome sign, which could be the company’s name on the top. I want to do it using Flash. Can you please give me some good examples on creating attractive headings for the web pages.

Thank you


Hey Nitya,
Try the Flash section of the following site: They have a ton of sites that could help you out with some ideas :slight_smile:

Kirupa :asian: