Best option to display html in as2

I’m working on writing a new testing utility for my company, and I’m not sure what the correct answer is on this one. Their existing software uses HTML to give and score online tests, and the HTML works with mod_perl and mysql to send and receive the data. I’ve got the new system 90% functional, except one part.

the questions and answers are stored in the database AS HTML. They are send to the flash movie via loadvars, and I have even gotten them to start displaying. My problems however are that the images do not seem to be loading properly every time, the scrolling of the textarea doesn’t seem to work AT ALL, and even when the images do load, they are not lined up properly (adobe says : “An image loaded using the IMG tag will appear on the screen on the line following the IMG tag.” Now why the hell would I want it to do that?!?!?!?!)

so my real question is this. If my existing data is stored in HTML, what options do I have for displaying this in my flash movie? and I have considered restructuring the database so the questions and answers are stored as images, as well as converting the HTML to .ps then to .png on the fly. I’m looking for a better answer than either of those.

thanks for any ideas!!